The Wanderi Charity Organization aims at assisting the less priveledged, the sick, the disabled, the oppresed and other charitable causes. We dwell particularly in situations which address our key priority areas that include the needs of children, education, health, well-being, social inclusion, tolerance and understanding.

We aim at making dreams come true for individuals and groups in need. We visit, donate, advice, listen to, have fun and keep in touch with needy friends that we meet.

So far, we and our friends and sponsors have donated about Kenya Shillings 100,000 (USD 1,250) to children and women causes in Kenya.

We love to help. Please join us in this effort - in any way possible. We can go a long way together.

Jimmy & Ethan Wanderi
On-going project:
Voluntering with The Arc of Frederick County to help people with developmental disabilities meet their goals.

Next project:

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Havilla Children's Home
- Mwiki, Kasarani, Nairobi

By the end of 2011, about 60 orphans and abandoned children had passed through the Home. The Home had 45 children in different stages of assistance and of different ages. The visit was eye-openeing and a lot of fun.
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Kenyatta National Hospital
- Children's Cancer Unit

So as we arrived at KNH as one big group, along with all these shopping bags it was obvious we were in for a good day. We made our way to the Ward carrying all those toys, Mosquito nets... slippers, balls, flutes, food...
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Nairobi Women's Hospital
- Gender Violence Recovery Centre

The Centre is a charitable trust which specialises in obstetrics and gynaecology services and seeks to provide holistic care to women and their families.
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